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modified Cover von SANDOW, Terror der SFH
A 'Leihbuch' was a hardbound book (ca. 12,5 x 18,5 cm) with a cover illustration, often painted and in color. The books usually had 256 pages and were printed on cheap wood-containing paper. They were produced for commercial lending libraries and could be borrowed there for a few pennies. There were adventure, mystery, romance, western, science fiction and other genres.

In the twentieth century, thousands of 'Leihbücher' were produced by specialized publishers for commercial lending libraries. While the bindings of the books before 1945 were mostly adapted to the usual taste, later a standardized type of book emerged (often cardboard/half-linen bindings with a colored cover image and protective supronyl foil), which was characterized by a certain format, striking cover image design, and almost always cheap, heavily wood-containing paper. 

The LeihbuchRegal is a sub-project within the framework of TRIVIALITAS.

Data stock: Transfer of the old stock  and integration of further titles that have been missing up to now, currently a total of approx. 28200 titles. 
Here we proceed alphabetically starting from the old stock (authors with the initial letters 'A' - 'V' are - as far as my data sources - completed, but of course additions are possible here at any time).

About the system: Basically, full text searches are possible at any time, so all terms can be entered in the search fields. These are found and displayed 'unsorted', so 'the more precise the input, the more precise the result'. 

At the LeihbuchRegal  there is an author overview (on the right - in brackets the number of titles considered so far) as well as still a not complete outdated alphabetical title index of included book titles of the authors with the initial letters A - R. 

A note about the illustrations. The LeihbuchRegal  tries to show an illustration for each title included, but poor quality scans are also shown - according to the motto: better a bad picture than no picture. These bad illustrations will be replaced when better scans are available.